Friday, February 15, 2008

Wenda and our adventures

It has been a while so I decided to post an update on us. Wenda is doing better her rash is gone *yeah* and her soft trachea...the doctor said that it could just be stuff getting stuck or tickling her throat but I am not using the head collar as much any more and she seems fine. I got her recall date... it is May 3-4. I know it is a far way off but I can't wait I am happy and sad. I think she will make it far in the Guide dog program. The other day I took her to a concert, orchestra concert, and she did very well. My uncle plays the trumpet and they record their concerts so when I had my first dog, Nav, they were really hesitant about a puppy coming because it might whine and/or bark but I assured her that he wouldn't do that. So now about 1 year almost 2 I have brought both of my dogs to their concerts and they, my aunt, will ask if I am going to bring my dog. She even told my about a Guide dog in training that she saw and she told me that it wasn't very good because it was jumping all over the raiser. My aunt is more aware of the Guide dogs in training and other service dogs since I have been raising. Wenda and I have been together now for, since September, 5 months:) WOW Time does fly when you're having fun;) These are some pictures of *Princess Wenda* out in my front yard. Our tree got cut down, because it was getting old and some of the branches fell off BIG branches and fell onto our neighbors car, in a big storm we had in January. It is the perfect spot for pictures:) I have a picutre of Wenda where she looks like she is a snotty princess with her nose in the air it is so funny. Lets see if I can find it... The first on is it, it is really cute