Thursday, September 4, 2008

Powell is just so cute

Well yesterday I was at home working on my homework for college and I was just sitting around. Powell was just wandering because he doesn't know what to do if I can't play with him. So he went over to my dad and my dad petted him a little. So Powell went and laded down. Well thats where the pictures come in.
He was just so cute like that. The pillow was already on the floor like that, but that is his favorite place to lay down. So when the pillow ended up on the floor he decided that he could lay on it:) You can also see some of his teeth out in front. ^__^

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Update....and Fun Day

I haven't been on here for a while so here it goes. I have had Powell a Male Yellow Lab. He is a really good puppy. He loves going to the co-raisers house because they have a pet dog that loves to play with him. In July he went with his first raisers on "vacation":) They took him with them on vacation.... so weird, but they had a great time. They also have a puppy named Sparta. She is a puppy from her new GDB breeder dog named Samosa.

Well on August 2nd GDB had a 'Fun Day', which they have every year, and other puppy groups come and sell stuff to make money for their groups and GDB puts some little seminars on for us. Well our group was selling two big baskets of Dog stuff, not cheap stuff either.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New picture of Navarone

My sister emailed me a picture of Nav when he was about three months old. She found it, I think, on her computer or on her camera chip. It is so cute.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wenda gone and Powell in...

Hi everyone it has been a while since I have posted on here I just haven't found time to. Wenda went back to Guide dogs May 3rd. We had a nice time before we took her back my mother and I met up with two other puppy raisers and two blind ladies that work at Guide Dogs. It was really fun to get to know some knew people. After Wenda went back I was puppyless until May 14th when I got Powell. He is from another raiser in our group. He is a Male Yellow Lab almost 9 months old. I will be co-raising him with my friends. He is a very good puppy just need to work on some problems like all puppies.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wenda and our adventures

It has been a while so I decided to post an update on us. Wenda is doing better her rash is gone *yeah* and her soft trachea...the doctor said that it could just be stuff getting stuck or tickling her throat but I am not using the head collar as much any more and she seems fine. I got her recall date... it is May 3-4. I know it is a far way off but I can't wait I am happy and sad. I think she will make it far in the Guide dog program. The other day I took her to a concert, orchestra concert, and she did very well. My uncle plays the trumpet and they record their concerts so when I had my first dog, Nav, they were really hesitant about a puppy coming because it might whine and/or bark but I assured her that he wouldn't do that. So now about 1 year almost 2 I have brought both of my dogs to their concerts and they, my aunt, will ask if I am going to bring my dog. She even told my about a Guide dog in training that she saw and she told me that it wasn't very good because it was jumping all over the raiser. My aunt is more aware of the Guide dogs in training and other service dogs since I have been raising. Wenda and I have been together now for, since September, 5 months:) WOW Time does fly when you're having fun;) These are some pictures of *Princess Wenda* out in my front yard. Our tree got cut down, because it was getting old and some of the branches fell off BIG branches and fell onto our neighbors car, in a big storm we had in January. It is the perfect spot for pictures:) I have a picutre of Wenda where she looks like she is a snotty princess with her nose in the air it is so funny. Lets see if I can find it... The first on is it, it is really cute

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Wenda has had these bumps on her underside for a couple weeks now and she has also been coughing like she has soft trachea (soft throat) so we took her into the vet yesterday. The vet said we will have to keep an eye on her for the soft trachea cause she wasn't too bad, she only coughed once, and she gave us some medicine for the bump things. Well I guess it wasn't too informative but, hopefully the medicine will help with the bumps. We usually have Guide Dog meetings on some Thursday, but we don't have it tonight. I will get some pictures of our group up next week so everyone can see how cute they are!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Navarone's Birthday

Today is Navarone's 2nd birthday:) so I thought I would put some more pictures of him on here!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Missing my puppy

These are some pictures of my fist puppy Navarone. I have been missing him a lot, probably because he was my first dog, but he is now with a great family and they love him to death. The picture that has three dogs on a big dog bed, well the other two dogs are Ginger, the Rot/mix and Mickey, the Besenji/mix. That picture was taken probably September or October of 2006 so Navarone was only 9 or 10 months old.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My photo genic dog

Here's some pictures from today. She is really photo genic! yeah right it seems like any picture I take is hard work. Oh yeah the other day at school she was sleeping, like she always does, and she started twitching and barking, the chicken barks, and my teacher was looking at her like she was going to bite her, she stopped the lesson and was just staring at her. It was really funny:)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My first blog

Well this is my first blog obviously and I am just going ramble probably, about Guide dogs so just be careful when you read. Well I have Wenda she is almost 14 months, on the 18 of January. We changed from Gold Rush Guides to Sacramento Puppies with Promise and it is different. The leaders are very different. It has been interesting to go on outings with some people from our old group and here them talk about how bad the other group was, but whatever that is just how some people are. Well Wenda LOVES to run in the back yard, and play with her bones, oh and she, for some reason, loves to lick! and I hate it some much, well maybe not hate it but it does get annoying when you are trying to put a collar on her and she starts licking my hand. Well I will tell you about my first dog, Navarone, I got him in April of 2006, and I just miss him so much but he graduated in November of 2007. He was really big and just the most purfect puppy. hahaha yeah right! I kept thinking to myself "What did I get myself into?" Well he turned out to be one of the best dogs in the group. Hope you enjoy my blogs.
~Molly & Wenda~